Adjusting Entries – Adjusting Entry Example 2

So we continue with period and adjusting entries and we go to the additional information which was indicated and the point number two and the voice and data about the salaries which were calculated for February and part of them was paid by cash and another will be paid in March so after the end of February.


We need to recall this information in the general journal and we will do this in the same way like we record any transaction during the accounting period so we have payroll expenses since expenses for salaries we debit this account since part of salary was paid by cash we have decreasing cash and we credit cash account and the remaining amount will have to be recorded under liability side salaries payable since it will be payable or paid only in March and then we credit salaries payable account.


We use a separate account but not accounts payable accounts since we would like disclose this amount and we would like to report it separately and we also included description of the transaction and number of the transaction is a2.  This means that this is adjusting entry number two.  What we do next?  We should post this transaction to the general ledger accounts and we start from payroll expenses.


We use general journal and we post payroll expense to the payroll expenses account and you can see that payroll expenses it was not impacted by previous transactions of company Zeta or which were already recorded during the accounting period through this is only one entry in this account.


The next one is cash and you can see that cash account was already impacted by previous transactions and we already have calculated closing balance of that account.  In order to post their adjusting entry we just do it in the next step and we just put that amount on the credit site so since there was decreasing cash and the reference to the transaction is a2 point which means that this is adjusting entry number 2.


And the remaining is to post salary stable salary stable account was not used previously so there is only one entry and we post credit entry to the credit side of salary stable general ledger account.  So this was the adjusting entry number two.

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