Financial Statement Analysis

What Is Financial Analysis? Financial analysis is certain procedures and methods applied to determine the past, present and also the future status and performance of business with the aim to compare how the business performed in the past, how it performs now and use such data … [Read more...]

Fixed Asset Accounting – Disposal of Fixed Asset

Disposal of fixed asset is a sale which generates profit or loss, which is a difference between sales price and net book value at the disposal time. Fixed assets are purchased by the business not with a purpose to resell them, therefore they are being sold after some period of … [Read more...]

Property Plant & Equipment – Depreciation Methods

Here I would like to explore the essence and nature of depreciation and cover main depreciation methods. Nature & Essence Of Depreciation Depreciation is the term used in accounting to define allocation of cost of fixed assets over the years during which these … [Read more...]

Property Plant & Equipment Accounting – Depreciation

Depreciation applying one of selected depreciation methods is used as cost of acquired non-current tangible assets is not included into the income statement at the moment of acquisition. The reason for this is that these assets are being used in the business for quite long-period … [Read more...]

Bank Reconciliation Statement Example

Before exploring bank reconciliation sample, it is worth to remind yourselves bank reconciliation process, which has the following main steps: 1st step: we identify and calculate the difference between bank statement and cash book 2nd step: we compare cash … [Read more...]